Explosion of Christmas…

27 Nov

Every year my house explodes with life and new found stuff as the Christmas season approaches. My father’s family was never really into the Christmas spirit when he was younger. I believe this is why he takes such joy in decorating the house now. It seems as though every year we buy more Christmas decorations for the house. It is coming to the point now where literally everything except the teapot is replaced with a Christmas-alter-ego version of itself. It certianly gives the house a new life and spirit, but I could see why some people are overwhelmed by the sight of it. As I believe my friend RB would put it, the chrismosity of my home is a little too high. He coined the term chrismosity to refer to the level of Christmas stuff/spirit something had.

christmas fireplace
Fireplace with plush Rudolph/Frosty display

christmas tree
New shiny Christmas tree in the living room

christmas living room
Another shot of the living room
(Dad sleeping on the couch 🙂 )

christmas ceiling fan
Kitchen – ceiling fan and newly decorated shelf

christmas - little tree
This tree has all of the Hallmark Keepsake ornaments that my brother and I recieved over the course of many Christmas mornings.

christmas kitchen
Another shot of the kitchen

The scary thing about all this is, my mother has about half as many lion themed items as we have Christmas items in these shots. All of the lion memorabilia gets taken down for obvious reasons.

2 Responses to “Explosion of Christmas…”

  1. Mouse December 14, 2005 at 11:29 am #

    You need to spread some chrismosity to the floor! o:

    All we have is multi-color lights strung up and down the halls, and a fake tree in the red lounge. Speaking of which, I still need to get a secret santa present dealie. O:

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